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Solar Hot Water Heating Products - Commitment of 10 years Warranty

We are committed to enhancing the lifestyle of those in our global community who still do not have access to conventional power, and those who would prefer to rely on alternative forms of energy for some or all of their daily needs, though the development and distribution of low-cost, reliable, renewable energy technologies for heating, and educating each interested member of our community in the benefits, advantages, and uses of those technologies.

Silicon Solar Inc is a green, eco-friendly, company, and we are always striving to design better, more efficient, and more cost-effective eco-friendly products for our customers, our community, and our future.

Enabling the everyday home owner to access the power of sustainability has been the mission of Silicon Solar Inc for nearly a decade.  With fuel prices on the rise, the environment in ever-increasing danger, and our lives become more and more strained by higher, sometimes unmanageable costs of living, we continue to develop safe, simple, and sustainable ways of reducing your homeowner costs in addition to reducing the negative environmental impacts we each inevitably leave on the environment.

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At Solar Panel World, we offer you and your clients the very best solar panels, solar electric kits and accessories for residential, commercial and municipal power needs.
We carry the very best, most cost-effective brands of solar panels on the market, including:

  • Silicon Solar, BP & General Electric
  • Mitsubishi, Sanyo & Kyocera
  • Siemens, Matrix & Many More

Today's solar panels are more affordable, powerful and efficient than ever before...making solar electric systems today more cost-effective and affordable than they ever have been in history...and available to more customers than ever.

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Silicon Solar is the internet's leading solar energy store. Silicon Solar Online features a complete line of Solar Panels, Solar Fountains & Pumps, Solar Garden Lights, Educational Solar Kits, Solar Battery Chargers and Solar Hot Water Systems.

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SunMaxx Solar Hot Water Heaters

SunMaxx Solar is the manufacture and distributor of the world's leading solar hot water and solar heating systems, kits, collectors and accessories. Let the SunMaxx Team help you get started with solar hot water & heating today.

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