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GridMaxx Pre-Packaged Cabin / Off-Grid Solar Kits

Cabin Solar Power KitsOff grid solar kits are effective solutions for providing power to remote buildings or applications or in areas where blackouts and brownouts are particularly common. Off-grid solar systems become your primary source of power to your lights, appliances and other utility’s that need electricity. This allows you to be energy independant and avoids the prohibitive expense of running a utility grid line (and still pay for the power too).

With one initial investment you can be completely solo-energy sustainable and never have to pay an energy bill again, not to mention all the incurred cost of having a power line put in at your remote location. Off grid solar kits are fairly easy to install and can be done in one day but Silicon Solar recommends that an electrician or solar installer is on-site (or atleast very the installation is complete and correct) before it is connected to any power distribution center. These kits include all the major components needed for installation.

Each of our off-grid cabin solar kits include:

  • 55 Watt SolMaxx Solar Panel(s)
  • PV Combiner Box
  • Xantrex Charge Controller
  • Battery Box Enclosure
  • AC / DC Lightning Arrestor(s)
  • Ground / Roof Tilt Mounting Hardware
  • Batteries
  • Inverter, Disconnects, Battery Interconnects & More

Check out our complete selection of off-grid cabin solar kits below:

AC Power Solar Cabin Kits

AC Cabin Kit Power (Whrs/day) DC / AC Voltage Array Size AC Power You Pay
55W AC 275 whrs/day 12 / 120 V 4.9 ft2 2800W View Product
110W AC 550 whrs/day 12 / 120 V 9.8 ft2 2800W View Product
220W AC 1100 whrs/day 12 / 120 V 19.6 ft2 2800W View Product
330W AC 1650 whrs/day 12 / 120 V 29.4 ft2 2800W View Product
440W AC 2200 whrs/day 12 / 120 V 39.2 ft2 2800W View Product
550W AC 2750 whrs/day 12 / 120 V 49 ft2 2800W View Product
660W AC 3300 whrs/day 12 / 120 V 58.8 ft2 2800W View Product

DC Power Solar Cabin Kits

DC Cabin Kit Power (Whrs/day) DC / AC Voltage Array Size AC Power You Pay
55W DC 275 whrs/day 12 / NA V 4.9 ft2 NA View Product
110W DC 550 whrs/day 12 / NA V 9.8 ft2 NA View Product
220W DC 1100 whrs/day 12 / NA V 19.6 ft2 NA View Product
330W DC 1650 whrs/day 12 / NA V 29.4 ft2 NA View Product
440W DC 2200 whrs/day 12 / NA V 39.2 ft2 NA View Product
550W DC 2750 whrs/day 12 / NA V 49 ft2 NA View Product
660W DC 3300 whrs/day 12 / NA V 58.8 ft2 NA View Product

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